Toxoplasmosis Recommendations

Recommendations For The Prevention of Toxoplasma Gondii in Cats and Humans
DVM Newsmagazine May 2003

Host - Cat
• 1. Do not feed raw or rare meat-prevents exposure to tissue cysts.
• 2. Do not allow cat to hunt- prevents exposure to tissue cysts.

Host - Human
• 1. Do not eat raw or rare meat- prevents exposure to tissue cysts.
• 2. After handling or preparing raw meat, wash hands and surfaces with warm soapy water -inactivates tissue cysts.
• 3. Wash all fruits and vegetables before eating - removes oocysts if present.
• 4. Wear gloves while gardening or wash with warm soapy water after gardening prevents exposure to oocysts in soil.
• 5. Change litter box daily- removes oocysts prior to becoming infectious.
• 6. High risk individuals should not change litter box -prevents exposure of high risk individuals to oocysts.